Sonic baby toothbrush 350S

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Many parents recognize it, brushing your teeth can be quite a challenge. Luvion’s baby toothbrushes help you create a more enjoyable brushing experience for your child. This 350S also offers, like our other models, a perfect brushing result due to the sonic pulsating movement of the brush head. The light in the brush head that can be set to the favorite color of your baby or toddler makes this 350S even more fun. So with this 350S sonic baby toothbrush, the little one can brush electrically just like mom and dad, but even more fun!

Tooth decay can also occur in the very youngest, although the teeth still have to be changed, this can also have adverse consequences. Good oral health is a good foundation for good overall health. This sonic baby toothbrush ensures that the dirt is removed better by means of pulsating movements than with a regular toothbrush. So in addition to being fun, this toothbrush is also very useful.

The 350S includes a built-in timer that indicates when the optimal brushing time (2 minutes) has passed.

With the 350S sonic electric baby and toddler toothbrush, you can keep your teeth in top condition from the start.

The toothbrush has 2 brush heads included inside the box, one extra small and soft model for the first 18 months and a second slightly harder and larger brush for 18 months and older.

What is included

  • Toothbrush – 1 pcs;
  • Brush Heads (3-18 months) – 1 pcs;
  • Brush Heads (18-36 months) – 1 pcs;