Luvion Deluxe 80 Baby Heart Monitor

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With the Deluxe 80 baby heart monitor you can listen to your baby’s heart in between routine examinations at the midwife’s. This can be both reassuring and a lot of fun! Use this home fetal doppler for example to listen to your little miracle together with your partner, friends and/or family. You can connect no less than 2 headphones to your Luvion Doppler Deluxe 80 so you can easily enjoy listening to the sound of the baby together with others.

Baby heart rate monitor

The Doppler Deluxe-80 baby heart monitor also includes a recording cable you can connect to the computer. This way you can use your computer to record the heartbeat of your unborn baby and save it forever and even mail it to your friends and family.

From the 12th week of pregnancy

The Luvion Doppler is a high-quality doppler, not to be compared with other devices that work through a microphone (sound amplifiers). With these microphone devices, the sounds of the baby can only be heard later in pregnancy. Moreover, with the Luvion Doppler Deluxe, the sound is a lot clearer. The Luvion Doppler is produced to the highest standards and manufactured with the highest quality parts available. With the Luvion Doppler Deluxe-80, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat sounds as early as 11-12 weeks into pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: With the Deluxe 80 a 50ml gel tube is included, if you want extra gel we also offer a 50ml tube or 250ml bottle of gel separately.

What is included

  • Doppler Deluxe 80 – 1 pcs;
  • Ultrasound Gel – 1 pcs;
  • Audio cable – 1 pcs;
  • Headphones – 1 pcs;