Luvion Icon Long Range

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The Luvion Icon Long Range  is the ideal baby monitor if you also want to be able to use it at a great distance. With a range of up to about three kilometers you can quickly get out of the house and still hear everything, walk the dog or quickly pick up your other child(ren) from school without losing contact. Or use it on vacation when, for example, you go to eat something or sit in the lobby while your little one is sleeping in the room.

Long range up to 3 kilometers*

The large reach of the Luvion Icon Long Range provides more freedom. In contrast to video baby monitors (in and around the house) and regular audio baby monitors (a few houses), with a PMR baby monitor you are not tied to the vicinity of your house.

Expandable to a maximum of 3 baby units

Up to 3 baby units can be connected to the Luvion Icon Long Range parent unit, so you can monitor 3 baby rooms at the same time with 1 parent unit. Ideal for multiple siblings! The parent unit will then switch between the connected baby units every 5 seconds.

PMR technique

The Luvion Icon Long Range uses PMR technology, which is the same technique that is used with two-way radios. It is very stable but the biggest advantage of using this technique is the range. The much lower frequency (446 MHz) of the PMR band ensures that the range of the signal is much greater compared to the higher 1.8Ghz band on which standard audio baby monitors work and the 2.4Ghz band on which Video Baby monitors work. In addition, the PMR frequency band is also much freer compared to, for example, the 2.4 Ghz band to which all kinds of WiFi equipment is connected.

* under optimal conditions

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