Luvion White Noise Machine

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Is your little one having trouble sleeping? Then use our white noise machine! The soothing white noise sounds have a soothing effect on the baby. A quiet room is certainly very uncomfortable in the beginning for the baby, who is constantly used to the sound of the mother. In addition to white noise, you can therefore also choose uterine sounds and heartbeat sounds for an even smoother transition.

30 soothing sounds

In addition to white noise and the aforementioned heartbeat and womb sounds, the Luvion White Noise Machine contains an extensive selection of a total of 30 soothing sounds. Choose from six categories: White Noise, Heart Rate, Ocean, Nature, Rain and Fan. So you will always find a sound that works optimally for your little one!

Rechargeable Battery for maximum convenience

The Luvion White Noise Machine can be easily and safely placed with the baby thanks to the battery present in the machine. The battery life is up to 15 hours! During the entire sleeping time of the little one, the sounds can therefore be played to support the (night) rest. Or, if only help is needed to fall asleep, set a timer that automatically shuts the Machine off after 30 or 60 minutes. When the machine is not in use, the battery can easily be recharged via the supplied USB charging cable.

Also suitable for adults

A bad night’s sleep is of course not only something for babies, unfortunately a good night’s sleep is also no guarantee for adults. Even then the Luvion White Noise Machine can help, the white noise and/or other sounds present are certainly suitable for this as well. If you don’t want to disturb your partner, the machine also contains a Jack connection to connect headphones.

The Luvion White Noise Machine Specifications :
  • 30 Soothing sounds In 6 categories (White Noise, Heartbeat (including uterine sound), Ocean, Nature, Rain and Fan
  • Scientifically proven effective Research shows that babies sleep better with (noise) sounds
  • Built-in battery for 15 hours of use Easily lasts all night and is easy to use anywhere
  • Built-in timer switches the machine off (optional) automatically includes a 30 and 60 minute timer
  • USB charging cable included Easy to charge via any (adapter with) USB connection
  • Also suitable for adults. Also includes a jack connection for connecting headphones
  • Sleek modern design This white noise machine will look great in any (baby) room