How to select

Luvion baby monitors are consistent in quality and cover all functionalities parents expect from a premium video baby monitor. The product range consists of various models, each with its own functionality and size. To compare the different models check out the overview below.

All our models are equipped with a good selection of basic functionalities. These are the standard Luvion functionalities you may expect in all of our monitors, let’s break it down in detail :

Screen size in inches:

As you can see, the screen sizes of baby monitors are different and are in the range of 2″ – 7″ diagonal. You can choose any size, but as a rule, HD-quality starts with models with a screen of 4.3” and above.

Maximum range in meters:

As you can see in the table the distance of operation is specified in the range of 250m-300m-unlimited. 300 meters is the maximum distance for line-of-sight conditions, without obstacles (we mean the classic mode without communication via the Internet). But unfortunately we can not get these conditions, usually we use the baby monitor in the house, where there may be elements that block the signal so that 300 meters is reduced to, for example, 50 meters or less. If there is a thick wall between floors, you may not receive any signals at all. Unlimited distance is applicable for baby monitors that can use the Internet in parallel with the classic signal to transmit video and sound from the camera. You can see the picture and hear the sound with this connection on your smartphone, through a free application.

Interference free, Digital image quality and Digital sound quality:

All of our baby monitors use a secure digital signal to transmit data from the camera, which means that the image and sound on the parent unit are not distorted. You always see the digital picture and you can see all the details in it, and it’s impossible to intercept the signal because it’s encoded.


Infrared illumination is the illumination of special LEDs emitting light in a zone of the spectrum invisible to the human eye. The baby monitor with such illumination has no problem seeing in total darkness, up to about 5 meters, but the picture with such illumination is always black and white. For a human, a room illuminated by IR LEDs remains so dark. The IR illumination only switches on when a special sensor detects the minimum light threshold necessary for the camera matrix, thereby not wasting battery power when there is sufficient illumination.

ECO/VOX mode:

This option serves to save power in the battery of the parent unit. This function can also be called “sound detector” whose task is to turn on the screen (when this mode is enabled, the picture and sound stop being transmitted to the screen and the monitor “falls asleep”) at the moment when the noise or sound near the camera exceeds the sensitivity level that you set and attracts your attention.

Room temperature display:

This is a temperature sensor, it is located in the baby unit and thanks to it you always see the temperature data in the room with your baby on the monitor screen.

Talk back function:

This feature will allow you to say something to your baby directly from the parent unit, perhaps calm him down or stop him from doing something dangerous.

Low battery indication and Out of reach warning:

Display on the screen of the parent unit information about the level of communication signal and battery power.

Multiple cameras possible:

It is possible to connect additional cameras to the parent unit. As a rule, you can connect up to 4 cameras (some models have a maximum of 2 cameras).

Visual sound indication:

You always see the noise level next to your baby, even if the speaker on the parent unit is turned off.


You can remotely, from the parent unit, play one of several preset lullabies on the baby unit. These lullaby melodies will soothe your baby and perhaps give him the chance to fall asleep without you.

Zoom function:

It means – digital zoom, thanks to this option you can double the image on the monitor and see some important detail.

Remote controlled pan/tilt camera:

Thanks to the remote camera pan/tilt mechanism from the parent unit, the viewing angle from the standard 70° horizontally increases to 270° and more, and vertically to 110° and more. This option is controlled from the parent block. This option becomes very relevant when your baby begins to actively explore the space around him, and the viewing angle of a standard static camera is no longer enough. In addition, in the future, the presence of this option will allow you not to buy an additional camera for use in the same room, since with a slight movement you can easily turn the lens in the direction you need.

Recording function:

Perhaps you would like to record some funny moments from your baby’s life when you are not around, but the baby unit is on and sees everything. Some models have the ability to record video and (or) take a photo.


Interesting “nightlight” option, you can switch this on remotely from the parent unit. Pleasant diffused light from the LEDs, which are located at the bottom of the camera. Your baby will no longer be left in total darkness.


Some Luvion baby monitor models (premium models) have two digital signal transmitters in the baby unit:

– standard camera-to-monitor transmitter (working distance up to 300 meters)

– WiFi transmitter for working via the Internet (unlimited working distance)

When baby monitor working via the internet the baby unit works as IPcamera, image, sound and camera control takes place on your smartphone in a free original app wherever you have access to the Internet.

Split or quad function:

This function (Quad) makes it possible to see the image from 4 cameras simultaneously on the screen simply by dividing it into four identical parts. This is useful when using the main camera as well as additional cameras that can be purchased separately. It is comfortable when using the main camera as well as additional cameras that can be purchased separately. The Split mode has been slightly modified to view 2 cameras at the same time, not 4, the screen is divided into two and the image is larger for two cameras.

Bracket and camera battery:

For the comfort of our customers in the Czech Republic, we include in the Luvion baby monitors (where available) a tripod-bracket (friendly budget models) or together with the standard kit we also offer an extended kit which includes a battery and a tripod-bracket for the baby unit (the baby unit is powered independently and does not depend on electricity).