Luxery Baby Care Products Set

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Our luxery 7 piece baby care products set contains everything you’ll need to care for your baby’s little hairs and nails and also includes a nasal aspirator.

Nail Care Products

This set contains everything you’ll need to tend to your baby’s manicuring needs, during the first months you’ll use the emory board nail files stop the nails from getting to sharp. This is especially important because the nails are still to soft to cut them and it’s especially important to keep the nails short since the baby doesn’t have complete control over their movement it’s very easy to hurt themselves if the nails are too long.

After those first couple months, you can start using the nail clipper are scissor you will also find in this set. Both are safe to use for your baby, the scissor has rounded tips on both blades to prevent injury when the baby pulls away while cutting and the clipper has a plastic cover to shield the sharp edges.

Hair Care Products

Besides the manicure products the set also includes a brush and comb, these are also specially designed to protect your baby. The brush has 100% natural hair ensuring you can use it for all ages. The comb also has safe rounded tips protecting the skin.

Nasal Aspirator

Finally a nasal aspirator is included, with this baby nose cleaner you can make sure the baby’s airways are freed of excessive slime when necessary.