Luvion Exact 80 – Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

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With the Luvion Exact 80 non-contact thermometer you can quickly and accurately measure the temperature by means of the fast infrared measurement on the forehead. The temperature is clearly displayed on the large LCD display. In addition, the LCD display lights up red if the measured temperature is above 37.5 degrees, and green if the temperature is correct. This allows you to quickly interpret the measurement.

Ideal for babies and children

You can easily measure the temperature of your child without stressing the little one. With this forehead thermometer you can easily and quickly measure the temperature of the little one, even when your child is sleeping!
Hold the forehead thermometer just above the eyebrow and move the thermometer slowly back and forth as you measure. A long beep will sound at the end of the measurement. This usually takes between 5 – 8 seconds. If there is no fever, the screen lights up green. When there is a fever, i.e. at a temperature above 37.5°C, the screen will light up red and a fever alarm will sound.

The Luvion Exact 80 non-contact thermometer can also be used to measure milk temperature or other baby food.
The thermometer is very easy to operate and is suitable for people of all ages. The Exact 80 non-contact thermometer is easy to clean and has no fewer than 50 memory positions.

  • A lot more pleasant for the baby than an “old-fashioned” rectal thermometer
  • Dual Mode, also suitable for infrared measurement of milk temperature
  • Easy operation
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Sound signal in case of fever
  • 50 memory positions and automatic shutdown
  • Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit