Baby Bath Thermometer Elephant

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  • Check Mark Warranty: 24 months


With this baby bath thermometer elephant from Luvion you always know if the temperature is right, while also giving your little one a fun toy to use in the bath.

When used in the bath, the thermometer displays “COLD” when the temperature is below 36.5 degrees Celsius and “HOT” when the temperature rises above 39 degrees Celsius.

When you put your child to bed, it is nice to know what the temperature is in the nursery. Luckily the Luvion Elephant comes in handy again with its secondary function as a room temperature thermometer. This way you can make sure that the temperature in your baby’s room is always around the ideal value of 18°C to 20°C.

The digital bath thermometer is switched on by tapping the thermometer. After one hour, the thermometer switches itself off automatically. Because of this battery energy save function, one battery will last a very long time.