Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect

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Do you always want to be able to see and hear your little one in perfect quality? With the Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect, the best smart baby monitor, this will never be a problem. This beautiful smart video baby monitor can both be used via the specially dedicated monitor as well as through an app giving you the certainty of a good range wherever you are. The easy to use monitor is your best friend while you are in and around your house and when on the move you’ll get a similar experience using our user-friendly free app for outdoors. With this app, you can also stay tuned in with ease, for example, when you are having drinks with your neighbours or when you are at work. Of course, you can always expect a 100% secure and private connection both on the monitor and in the app.

Top Quality Smart Baby Monitor

Triple mode technology: The Grand Elite 3 Connect Set allows three ways to view the images.

Maybe “old-fashioned” but still important, you can always easily view the images at home via the crystal clear touchscreen monitor. Here you’ll always receive the images and sounds from the camera perfectly. Research has shown that even with wifi baby monitors this is still the most used option. Therefore it’s important to note Grand Elite 3 Connect is equipped with our special LLHR technology to guarantee a maximum range (300 meters in open field), even indoors.

In addition, when you choose to switch off the home monitor completely. You can then use your smartphone or tablet to see what’s going on in the baby’s room. Handy if you need to get out of the house quickly, for example, to drop something off at the neighbours. Or when you want to be able to stay updated when the babysitter is watching your little one and you’re away for the night.

Finally, when you are at home and your partner is on the road or maybe the other way around, you can also combine both functions. One can simply watch the monitor at home while the other can watch and listen via Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G through the app.

By the way, you don’t have to worry about someone else watching, your connection is 100% secured through an encrypted connection with a password you set yourself. Don’t want the app open all the time? You don’t have to, just enable notifications and you’ll be warned as soon as the little one wakes up.

Luvion LHR Technology!

Through our new Luvion Long Home Range (LLHR) technology, the Grand Elite 3 Connect distinguishes itself from other smart baby monitors. The combination of an external Wi-Fi, as well as a local direct connection, often causes huge interference limiting the range, even when you’re not using the app! Our LLHR technology prevents this interference, so with the Grand Elite 3 Connect Set you always get optimum range. Making it the best smart baby monitor you can find!

With the Grand Elite 3 Connect you have all the extra features you can imagine. Via both the app and the monitor, you can use a handy talk-back function, temperature display (with alarm function), and soothing lullabies. It’s also easy to remotely adjust the camera into the right position, super handy when they start crawling through the bed. You can also use the app to make nice movies and/or photos, creating nice memories for later.

Even when you want to turn off the sound for a moment, the monitor still has a way to warn you visually through a set of handy LED lights on the front of the monitor. This can be very convenient at a party when you can’t hear the sound, or when you are watching a movie and just don’t want to hear every little sound.

Crystal clear images

Because the camera of the Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect set is equipped with an FHD (1080P) lens, perfect sharpness is assured. Even at night, the image is always as sharp as during the day thanks to the almost invisible infrared lighting surrounding the lens. Both via the large 4.3-inch touch screen monitor and via the app you’ll have a clear image at all times.

Specifications Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect :
  • Excellent image and sound quality
  • LLHR – for up to 300 meters range in normal home use
  • 2-Way Talkback – from the monitor or app to the camera
  • Remotely rotatable camera – via the monitor and from the app
  • Temperature displays with alarm function – both on the monitor and the app
  • Digital zoom function: Zoom in on the cot for an even better image
  • 3 lullabies – Lovely for your baby to dream away at
  • Snapshot and video function – for fun movies of the little one (in the Luvion Connect app)
  • Visual sound reproduction – LED lights also warn you visually about sounds
  • Sensitive VOX Activation Mode – Set the monitor to black and let it ‘jump’ to sound, nice if you like to sleep completely in the dark.
  • Night vision up to 5 meters
  • App with simultaneous access for 4 devices (of course only access with UID and password)
  • User-friendly app for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What is included

  • Camera (baby unit) – 1 pcs;
  • Monitor (parent unit) – 1 pcs;
  • Adapter for camera (5 V) – 1 pcs;
  • Adapter for monitor (5 V) – 1 pcs;



  Instruction for use Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect